EclipseCon Europe Hackathon

I am excited to be helping organize a Hackathon to be held next week in Ludwigsburg. All EclipseCon Europe attendees are welcome to attend. After a few drinks at the Stammtisch and a visit to the EclipseCon Circus, what better way to finish off your evening than hacking a few lines of code?

The focus of the event will be on helping developers make their first contribution to an Eclipse-related open source project. An impressive number of committers are already signed up to help you get started. If you’ve never had an opportunity to get involved with an Eclipse project, or you want to try your hand at contributing to another open source project in the Eclipse community, now is your chance to try it out with some guidance from seasoned experts.

All attendees should take a look at the Hackathon wiki page in advance to make sure they are prepared. If you don’t get a chance to prepare, come anyway and we’ll help you get setup. See you in Ludwigsburg!